Business Insurance

Insurance policies are available for any risk you may encounter as a business in Colorado. Certain business insurance policies are required by law while most are optional. The insurance policies and coverage you choose are crucial to the success of your business. Even the smallest incidents can be financially devastating for a business without proper insurance coverage. At Mitchell Insurance Agency, we work closely with Greeley businesses to customize a business insurance plan that provides the coverage and protection they need.

Business insurance program are often comprised of many different types of policies and offer protection for:

  • Damage or loss to a business location and its contents.
  • Commercial vehicles.
  • Lawsuits arising from injury or property damage to others.
  • Interruption of normal business operations.
  • Benefits for employees who are injured or become sick on the job.

General liability, property insurance, and workers’ compensation are among the most common coverage types and nearly all Colorado businesses will include these in their business insurance program.

Property damage, and both bodily and personal injury can occur to third parties at any time while on your business premises. General liability insurance is designed to protect you against claims of negligence and from lawsuits associated with these incidents. Damage and medical expenses as well as attorney fees will be covered by this insurance.

Property insurance will protect your business in Greeley from unexpected damages resulting from events such as fire, hail, and other various natural disasters. Damage or loss to your physical assets including buildings and their contents are covered under property insurance. This can include assets within the building including office furniture, inventory, we well as outdoor items such as landscaping or signs. Property insurance generally provides coverage vandalism and theft of property as well.

Workers’ compensation ensures employees receive prompt medical treatment and adequate compensation for lost wages resulting from an injury or illness sustained at the workplace. The workers’ compensation system is a no-fault system. This means that employees receive medical treatment and compensation and employers are protected from lawsuits associated with the cause of illness or injury.

There are countless insurance options available for Greeley businesses and it can be overwhelming trying to understand the specific coverage you need. At Mitchell Insurance Agency, we build relationships with our clients so that we can fully understand their business, needs, and goals and offer coverage for even the most difficult risks. We are able to offer multiple quotes from the nation’s top carriers for most mainstream businesses including trucking, oil, chemical spraying, and more.

Contact Mitchell Insurance Agency today to speak with our experienced agents about the commercial insurance options needed to protect your businesses. We specialize in offering comprehensive business insurance solutions to local businesses throughout Greeley and the surrounding areas.

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